people ask me what I’m thinking about when I’m swimming and I tell them “just finishing the set” but what they don’t know is that I’m actually thinking about corn

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one time in 2nd grade we had to take a spelling quiz and we had to spell ‘floppy fish’ and the kid sitting next to me was was totally cheating because he had the answers written on the inside elastic of his tighty whities and whenever the teacher called out the word he’d look down at his crotch like he was concentrating really hard and nobody saw it except me so later at recess i gave him the worst wedgie of his life and from that moment on the act of getting your underwear yanked out of your pants and pulled over your face was forever known henceforth as the floppy fish

just gonna throw out there that the mewithoutYou song ‘Tie Me Up! Untie Me!’ drums sound just like the drums in ‘Dementia’


how can anyone ever be sad when this picture exists


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You know that new sample Owl City instagrammed? Using the melody and basic chord structure I made a longer version.

He is definitely the most handsome man in the universe.

He is definitely the most handsome man in the universe.

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What sorry can’t hear you 2 fab

What sorry can’t hear you 2 fab

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This is my favorite thing ever rockthetransexualtransvestite

This is my favorite thing ever rockthetransexualtransvestite

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Nights like tonight are nights that remind me how beautiful life is. And, for somebody like myself, honestly, just a nobody, from nowhere, with nothing, it’s so surreal that people like yourselves are gracious enough and willing enough to give up their time to hang out and sing songs and make friends and dance around really really awkward. Anyway, all this to say, that for a shy little nobody from nowhere, you know, if somebody were to of told me two or three years ago, ‘Hey Adam, you can quit your job that you hate and you can stop going to school for nothing and you can start touring and making records and recording music and making friends and doing the one thing in this world that you are good at, which is music,’ not good at anything else. If you’d have said that to me two or three years ago I would of never believed you ‘cause I was stuck and I wasn’t going anywhere and for giving me that chance, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I absolutely adore this.

Oh hi there


Do you ever watch gifs or videos of Adam and suddenly realize you’re smiling because I do